Join us on Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 1:30pm AEST

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On Wednesday 11 May 2022 take part in our Learning & Development (L&D) webinar, where we will unpack the characteristics and making of a learning organisation. Industry leaders will discuss the key features of a learning organisation and provide insights on the steps you can take to build your organisation’s capabilities through a Learning Health Index (LHI). The LHI charts critical areas that are fundamental in developing and enhancing a learning organisation, providing you with practical guidance on improving your learning organisation playbook.

Recent research with Deloitte Access Economics and DeakinCo. demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between L&D and growth. Comprehensive L&D is an investment in an organisation’s prosperity, as L&D has a direct impact on increasing revenue. Specifically, for every $1 invested in L&D per person, an organisation can expect a $4.70 in revenue per employee. Recognition of the essential role L&D plays in enhancing employee productivity and reducing staff turnover is growing, as market leaders are more likely to be leaders in L&D.

Our L&D webinar offers a space for industry leaders to provide you with key tools and expert advice on developing your organisation’s L&D.

Learn from Rhiannon Yetsenga, Senior Analyst at Deloitte Access Economics; Donna Roth, Head of Leadership and Capability at BUPA; Glenn Campbell, CEO of DeakinCo.; facilitated by Elysse Morgan, presenter of the ABC’s The Business.