Soft skills for business success

The future of work - building a skills currency

The importance of soft skills

Soft skills are critical to our future success, and their importance is recognised by education providers, academics, human resource departments, and businesses. However, there are many gaps in the literature about the impact of soft skills on businesses, and the current attainment level of soft skills in Australia.

How we develop and use soft skills is critical for business performance and success—now and even more so into the future. 

Digital disruption, globalisation and demographic shifts are shaping Australia’s future skill needs, with soft-skill intensive occupations expected to account for two-thirds (63%) of all jobs in Australia by 2030, according to the report Soft skills for business success report by Deloitte Access Economics.

DeakinCo. and Deloitte have collaborated to research the importance of obtaining and measuring soft skills to better understand areas that need to be improved in the Australian workforce and businesses. 

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