Qualifications and Credentials

Credentials and  qualifications

We bring together business and university learning to provide flexible and tailored measurement and recognition solutions.

Through Professional Practice Credentials and vocational and higher education qualifications, we enable organisations to build, assess and recognise their people’s skills, knowledge and achievements.

In keeping with our customised learning approach and the 70:20:10 model, we can map and align our Credentials and qualifications with your organisation’s learning and development.

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Our Professional Practice Credentials provide organisations with a new way to measure and recognise the key capabilities of their people in the workplace. 

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As a registered training organisation, we deliver tailored vocational training solutions in alignment with the nationally recognised VET framework. We also offer pathways to other Deakin University qualifications, including the new and innovative professional practice degrees. 


We believe that learning and experience in the workplace deserves to be recognised.

It can be hard for an organisation to objectively identify and assess the skills of their people. To solve this problem, our Professional Practice Credentials offer a new and innovative way to measure workforce capabilities, increase employee engagement and ensure competitiveness in today’s ever-changing environment.

Professional Practice Credentials provide tangible proof of an individual's professional capabilities, from soft skills (such as problem-solving and communication) to professional expertise skills (such as digital marketing and data analytics). Backed by Deakin University and based on current industry standards and aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework, Credentials provide an independent measure and validation of your people’s capabilities.

Beyond providing a tool for assessment of skills, Professional Practice Credentials can help you to more effectively allocate and evaluate training programs for your business. This means your people are receiving the right training and you can assess its effectiveness to ensure change of behaviour and return on investment for your business. They can also be matched to position descriptions across your organisation, helping to drive investment and shape business strategy. If you’re putting together a project team and you need people who are strong on teamwork and problem-solving, the credentialing process can guide you to select the right people for the task.

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Vocational education and training (VET)

As a university-backed registered training organisation (RTO), we deliver tailored VET solutions to organisations, industry and government groups.

Delivered in partnership with Deakin University, our programs build on existing skills while developing new skills relevant to the workplace. We can design and develop client-specific programs of nationally recognised VET qualifications to meet your organisation’s needs.

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Courses we offer include the following:

  • DeakinCo. manages Deakin University’s RTO (#3752). It complies with the standards set out in the National Vocational Education and Training 


Certificate III in Customer Engagement


Certificate IV in Customer Engagement


Diploma of Leadership and Management


Certificate III in Financial Services


Certificate III in Personal Injury Management


Certificate IV in Financial Services


Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management  


Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management  


Diploma of Personal Injury and Disability Insurance Management


Diploma of Financial Planning 


Diploma of Banking Services Management


Diploma of Financial Services

Accredited course


Graduate Certificate in Management Units of Competency

Unit of competency


Establish client relationship and analyse needs

Unit of competency


Develop, present and negotiate client solutions

Professional Practice degrees

Deakin University’s innovative professional practice degrees are designed for experienced professionals seeking formal recognition of their extensive experience, skills and knowledge. Delivered as flexible online programs, professional practice degrees are ideally suited to the busy professionals with extensive experience. Professional practice degrees offers employers and professionals an alternative to traditional higher education to help professionals reach their full potential by accelerating the completion of a degree on the basis of prior learning and work experience. 

Professionals undertaking professional practice courses gain their degree through a combination of professional practice credentialing and coursework units. These include:

·     introductory units that provide the insight, knowledge and tools to complete the qualification

·     successful attainment of professional practice credentials by providing a portfolio of evidence at the required level

·     a capstone unit where they complete a professional project that demonstrates their expertise and contributes to their field of practice in a meaningful way.

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Higher education pathways

Our relevant, innovative and responsive education and development programs in the fields of business and finance provide flexible pathways to qualifications.

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