Credentialing FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our Credentialing framework

Frequently  asked  questions 

How do Credentials  differ from qualifications?

Qualifications measure technical skill according to educational standards. Credentials measure both the individual’s skill and the ability to apply it in the workplace according to both academic and industry standards.

How are  Credentials academically rigorous? 

Credentials are backed by Deakin University and aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which specifies the standards for educational qualifications in Australia. For example, at the Advanced level, Credentials align to AQF level 9—the equivalent of a master’s degree.

How are credentials assessed?

The assessors are industry or academic experts affiliated with Deakin University or similar academic bodies.

What is the shelf life for Credentials?

The metadata for Credential content is informed by market needs and is updated regularly. Individuals attempting lower levels can attempt the Credential at a higher level if their skills develop further in a given area. At the Advanced level (equivalent to a master’s level), their extensive experience underpins the validity of the Credential, ensuring its currency across an individual’s career.

How can I use Credentials to support my existing capabilities framework?

Credentials align directly to core business functions, which enables them to be mapped against your capability framework. This gives independent proof of an individual's capability.

How long do Credentials take to complete and when can they be started?

Credentials are completed over an eight-week period, and data from our successful candidates indicates that around 4–20 hours is required to prepare their submission package. Candidates register and begin their Credentials at any time.

Do candidates have to attend any classes?

No. Credentials are completed entirely online.

Are Credentials available internationally?

Yes—Credentials can be completed from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection.

What is the process for completion?

Candidates will select two to three pieces of evidence from their professional experience and then prepare a 500–1000 word first-person reflective written testimony that speaks to this evidence. The final part of the process is a video interview with a series of questions related to the evidence provided.

What is the operational impact?

There is no learning required as part of the Credentialing process—only reflection on the skills your employees already have. Candidates use current work practices and outputs to support their submission, negating the need to create new items for assessment. Credentials take less time than traditional models and are online so do not require time to attend sessions.

What do candidates receive when they have successfully achieved a Credential?

Once our academic panel is satisfied that a candidate’s submission has met the applicable criteria, they will be awarded a digital badge for that Credential, with relevant metadata attached. This Credential badge can then be shared with their networks as well as on LinkedIn profiles and digital resumes.

What are professional practice degrees?

Professional practice degrees are a new and innovative qualifications offered by Deakin University. The degrees are combination of traditional coursework and Professional Practice Credentials offered online. They are ideally suited for experienced professionals seeking formal recognition of their extensive experience, skills and knowledge. To learn more about our Professional Practice Degrees, please click here

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