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introduction to our services

 DeakinCo. fosters high-performance in workplaces, by design. DeakinCo. created by the merge of longstanding workforce capability development business, DeakinPrime, with innovative new credentialing business, DeakinDigital.

The merge brings together DeakinPrime’s track record as a trusted partner in corporate education and training for leading organisations across Australia for more than 25 years, with DeakinDigital’s disruptive offering in Professional Practice Credentials. 

Together, DeakinCo. will deliver purpose-built learning, development and measurement solutions to help organisations prepare for the future of work. The future of work is exciting and challenging. 

Technology and culture are rapidly changing – not just the way we work, but the skills required for business success. At DeakinCo., we work with organisations and individuals to enhance their workforce capability by offering an end-to-end solution that develop and assess the skills that matter most now and in the future. 

We provide tailored workforce solutions that help your organisation master the shift from knowledge to capability and thrive in rapidly changing environments. We co-design solutions with you, to ensure alignment with your organisation’s strategic goals and are delivered to accommodate your operating realities. We are a workforce partner that will work with you to drive workforce solutions that are built on leading thinking and business acumen, supported by the stability and integrity of Deakin University. 

Your experience with DeakinCo. will be characterised by: 

  • Insights into how new thinking and approaches might be able to advance your business and people strategy 
  • Co-development of solutions to ensure that they have real impact for your organisation 
  • Implementation and delivery that works with your organisation’s tempo and minimises disruption to daily operations If you’re excited by the future of work, let’s work and learn together. 

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