Our philosophy

DeakinCo. provides learning and development solutions that measurably enhance the performance of individuals and the organisations they work in.

Blended learning

We believe that a blended learning approach is the most effective and exciting way to learn. We don’t limit ourselves to face-to-face training (though we have decades of experience in delivering such programs internationally). Nor do we solely focus on elearning (though we offer state-of-the-art cloud learning content, systems and expertise). Instead, we specialise in creating modular, flexible, blended learning solutions that combine the best of traditional methods with the latest in digital technology. Every organisation has its own unique development needs, but the following are common building blocks of our blended learning solutions:

  • video bites
  • face-to-face workshops
  • interactive modules
  • micro-learning elements like scenarios, animations and motion graphics
  • coaching
  • webinars
  • on-the-job performance support and tools.

Workflow learning

We recognise that professional learning begins with what happens in the workplace. Many professional learning providers offer exclusively formal, structured programs, but this doesn’t match what we know about how people actually learn. According to the research-based 70:20:10 model, formal training accounts for only 10 per cent of professional learning, whereas a staggering 90 per cent of learning occurs informally in the workplace (70 per cent through hands-on experiences and 20 per cent through relationships).

Our best-practice approach—developed in consultation with world-renowned experts Charles Jennings, Nigel Paine and Dr Marcus Bowles—builds on the research-based 70:20:10 model via the concept of workflow learning. Our learning and development solutions are designed to harness the power of job-embedded learning, so that the formal trainings we do provide act as a springboard for deep, continuous professional development. To learn more about workflow learning and 70:20:10, read our Learning and Performance Strategist Arun Pradhan on Reframing 70:20:10.

Customised learning

We think learning should be purposeful, tailored and intimately connected to work. All of our learning solutions can be customised to create unique, immersive learning experiences that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow and systems. Learning and performance solutions can draw on DeakinCo. content, Deakin University content, client content, curated content and newly created content. Through bringing together the best of all sources, we can generate truly tailored solutions that are at once innovative, practical and academically rigorous.

Professional learning

We know that sustained performance relies on continuing professional development. Organisations must make deliberate efforts to support the continuing education of their employees and build the professional skills required for the future. We provide certification and design and delivery services that support professionals across industries to improve technical competence, cultivate profound understanding and foster strategic prowess.

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