Demystifying credentials: Growing capabilities for the future

  • DeakinCo.
  • 21 February 2017

Few people realise the profound changes that a focus on professional capabilities and resulting micro-credentials have made both to global education and the recognition of individual expertise. This paper outlines and examines the opportunities and results from a concerted effort to effectively assess, recognise and credential human capability across all workforces and all levels of work, life and cultural contexts. 

The primary aim of this paper is to demystify the often jargon-laden, heavily nuanced language surrounding terms such as credentials and capabilities. It introduces the developments and breakthroughs being driven by Deakin University. This paper looks over the horizon to predict some of the implications many may have missed—implications that will be examined from the perspective of how governments and society can respond to changes in required skills when the workforce is continually being reshaped by evolving business models, globalisation and disruptions driven by technological change. 

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