UAC and DeakinCo. lead the way in workplace credentials

  • DeakinCo.
  • 22 January 2019

In today’s competitive workplace, having skills formally recognised significantly improves your employability and ability to compete for jobs.

Two leading education technology organisations, the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and DeakinCo., are collaborating to develop a system for assessing and credentialling workplace skills for individuals and businesses.

The credit and recognition-of-prior-learning system will leverage UAC’s world-leading application and assessment technology with DeakinCo.’s innovative micro-credentialling programs. This assessment formally aligns an individual’s skills against the Australian Qualifications Framework to deliver formal recognition of their competencies.

Dr David Christie, Managing Director of UAC says ‘Micro-credentialling is a massive worldwide trend in education.
The close working relationship between UAC and DeakinCo. will seat both organisations at the cutting edge of skills recognition within Australia and globally.’

The system will assure the credibility of credentials for professionals by using consistent application, workload and assessment processes.

‘We are excited by this opportunity to work with UAC, Australia’s largest tertiary admissions centre,’ says Glenn Campbell, Executive Director of DeakinCo., ‘to develop a credit model that will enable employees the opportunity to be recognised for their employability or soft skills and, through our association with Deakin University, expand access to higher education.’

This exciting new model will be tested in early 2019 and is planned for full implementation later this year.

UAC was named Winner of Best Process Innovation Award in the Australian Financial Review 2018 Most Innovative Companies list.

DeakinCo. is the commercial arm of Deakin University and is a workforce partner which co-develops purpose-built learning, development and innovative measurement solutions aimed at the future of work.