Five minutes with: Mike Kerry

  • DeakinCo.
  • 26 January 2011

Inside DeakinPrime
Mike Kerry, Director

Mike Kerry is the Director of the CPA Australia Alliance at DeakinPrime. His role is to plan, lead and manage the delivery of the CPA Australia contract in order to fulfil its requirements

Mike has been a relationship manager at DeakinPrime for a number of commercial clients, including CPA Australia, the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers of Australia (APESMA), and the Confederation of Australian Management Business Schools (CAMBS). In this role Mike has worked with clients, both in Australia and overseas, in developing appropriate learning and assessment solutions.

Prior to his current appointment Mike held a variety of positions at both DeakinPrime and Deakin University’s Faculty of Business and Law. In the Faculty of Business and Law Mike was a senior lecturer in financial planning, and was instrumental in the development and growth of both the undergraduate and postgraduate financial planning programs offered by the faculty.

Mike is actively involved in the accounting and financial planning professions and has made contributions and representations to senate select committees, business roundtables, member-based committees and member-based organisations.

Mike, what is your role at DeakinPrime?

I’m a Director of DeakinPrime and my main responsibility is looking after the CPA program on behalf of DeakinPrime.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I guess there are two things I enjoy about my role, the first being the talented bunch of people that I work with who are energetic, they’re enthusiastic, they’re committed and a great bunch of people to work with. The second is that I get to manage a client that has over 60,000 students a year, which gives me the chance to do some important things, some things that make a difference if we do a good job.

What sort of strengths does DeakinPrime bring to the delivery area for the CPA?

I think we bring lots of strengths to the delivery area of CPA Australia. We have a great bunch of instructional designers that work on the program, and they do a terrific job working with the technical consultants of CPA Australia to develop high-quality education materials. We also have a great editorial team, online services team and IT team who do a terrific job in terms of delivering the programs. We also have a customer service group which is part of the University who are dedicated to meeting the needs of CPA Australia, so all of those combined mean that we do a very good job. CPA Australia set very high standards for the delivery of their materials and we meet and exceed those standards because of the quality of the teams that we have working on the program.

What sort of strengths does DeakinPrime bring to the assessment area for CPA Australia?

With assessment, the key thing is to be involved from the very early stages and so our team worked together with CPA Australia from very early on to develop test instruments. We make sure that they are valid and reliable and we work with CPA Australia to ensure that. We have a number of people who are skilled in psychometric testing, which is a fancy way of saying educational measurement. We have some really talented people in terms of educational measurement that is an essential prerequisite of assessment. We have a great infrastructure for examinations; last semester we had over 300 exam venues for CPA Australia and more than half of those were overseas. From the date of the last exams to the release of the results is 35 days. In those 35 days we have to bring papers back from 300 venues around the world, scan 50,000 multiple-choice answer sheets and mark 23,000 exam papers and get the results out within those 35 days. So we have the infrastructure and the people we need to do that, so I think we bring a lot to the assessment capability of CPA Australia in terms of being able to manage that process.

DeakinPrime is now DeakinCo., the result of a merger between innovative Credentialing business - DeakinDigital, and longstanding workforce capability development business DeakinPrime.