DeakinCo. achieves national recognition AITD Excellence awards – Best Use of Simulation for Learning.

  • DeakinCo.
  • 12 December 2018

On Friday 23 November 2018, DeakinCo. was awarded the rare Highly Commended for ‘Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning’ Excellence Awards by the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). Earlier this year, we were also awarded two platinum awards by LearnX for Best Design Team and Best Simulation Design for 2018 for the same learning simulation.

With our partner CPA Australia, DeakinCo’s learning design team developed a simulated learning experience to help Global Strategy Leadership (GSL) students apply their knowledge to real world situations.  We achieved this by working alongside CPA Australia’s education team and subject matter experts to build a real-world immersive experience that includes:

  • A gamified interface
  • Video
  • Interactive accounting activities
  • Personalised performance results
  • An intuitive navigation with features such as help from a fictional manager via instant messaging and a fictional intranet with resources

This custom learning solution was to enhance the learning experience for a variety of CPA Australia learners situated globally and in support of a traditional study guide learning method, to consolidate their knowledge in real world accounting practice.

The innovative learning solution provides CPA Australia GSL students with a real-world, immersive learning experience by applying theory to case studies and learning tasks and gaining immediate feedback and cohort benchmarking progress throughout the simulation.  The engaging use of video, questioning and applied accounting tasks undertaken has enabled learners to test their knowledge and prepare for their exam and future application in employment.

As a key outcome, through the use of xAPI, CPA Australia now gains valuable insight into their students’ understanding of complex tasks and can continually enhance the learning experience.

We have many other success stories at DeakinCo. also including the creation of custom learning solutions for many clients like Westpac, Transurban and Australia Post and many more.

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