Deakin senior appointments

  • DeakinCo.
  • 3 October 2011


Kean Selway, former CEO of DeakinPrime has been appointed Vice-President Enterprise for Deakin University. In this role, Kean has strategic and leadership responsibility for the development of Deakin University’s Enterprise Capital. His portfolio of responsibilities includes: Human Resources, Facilities Development, Campus Services, Regional Communities and Commercial Entities.

Kean joined Deakin in 2001 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of DeakinPrime in 2002, a position he held until 2010. In that period, he also led a number of areas of Deakin University’s operations through such roles as Acting Vice-President (Administration) in 2005/06, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise) in 2009/10 and Vice-President (Engagement) in 2010/11.

Prior to joining Deakin, Kean was Managing Director of the Synergy Management Group, a company he founded in 1995.

During his time there he built and led successful ventures in business consultancy and hospitality contract management, working with executive teams from a diverse range of organisations to assist them in developing business strategy, service culture and organisational change.

DeakinPrime is now DeakinCo., the result of a merger between innovative Credentialing business - DeakinDigital, and longstanding workforce capability development business DeakinPrime.