70:20:10: buzzword or effective learning approach?

  • DeakinCo.
  • 24 February 2012

by Kelly Kajewski
Alliance Director, DeakinPrime

Think of one event that has had a significant impact on your learning. Where did this event happen? In the classroom, a seminar or a workshop? Or when you were attempting to complete a task?

The 70:20:10 model has gained significant momentum in Learning and Development circles both in Australia and internationally. There are many interpretations of 70:20:10 and it has been given a number of labels including model, principle, ratio, approach, method and rule.

The interpretations in this study largely align the following:

  • 70% of learning comes in an informal, on the job, experience-based sense without any formal learning event.

  • 20% of learning comes from informal learning, sharing ideas and experiences through methods such as coaching and mentoring.

  • 10% of learning comes through the actual learning event, such as structured courses, workshops, seminars and tutorials.

There is evidence that 70:20:10 is being adopted and implemented across a range of organisations, from small enterprises to multinational corporations. There has been much discussion about 70:20:10 including how it can be applied, interpreted, embedded and even communicated within a business.

DeakinPrime’s Kelly Kajewski said: ‘This paper began as a conversation between colleagues about various learning and development models used in building capabilities in the workplace. After some discussion of the 70:20:10 model, it was agreed that we had seen little, if anything, in the literature about where it came from.

We agreed that it would be interesting to do some research on the model and identify its origins. This informal conversation set us on a journey that has extended well beyond the original timeframe and the questions we began with.’

The paper looks at the 70:20:10 model with the aim of demystifying it, addressing its origin and giving some practical examples of how it is being used in different organisations. It explores different views including the interpretations, applications, challenges and benefits of using 70:20:10 and how it can be refined to suit the needs of individual organisations.

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