Developing the next generation of future leaders

  • DeakinCo.
  • 29 November 2017

Indeed, great leaders and managers do play a role in influencing employee attitudes and behaviours in a positive way, which ultimately can translate into greater productivity and employee creativity.

They also can impact how workplaces adapt to changing business conditions and innovate. This is especially true in the current business climate, where the ability to effectively lead and manage can make or break an organisation.

Without strong leadership, there lacks a clear direction of where the company is heading. As a result, companies with little to no leadership are quick to fall behind amidst the increased competition.

Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trend 2017 report highlighted that leadership needs to change as companies transform and digital organisational models emerge.

The report also noted that high-performing companies focus on building a new leadership mind-set that rewards innovation, experimentation, learning and customer-centric design thinking.     

More organisations are pushing the boundaries of their traditional leadership hierarchies, empowering a new breed of leaders who can thrive in a rapidly changing network.

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to developing leadership and management skills no longer works in the modern workforce.

Any organisations looking to navigate the changing world of work and future-proof their operations must evolve the ways they recognise, develop and reward their employees – especially those who demonstrate the potential to translate their individual success to team success in the workplace.

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