Better 21C Credentials - from Deakin University's Professor Beverley Oliver

  • DeakinCo.
  • 23 June 2016

Credentials are used as signals that learning has been achieved, as well as predictors of work performance.

But credentials are changing... Emerging digital micro credentials that are more closely connected with employment have the potential to change how: 

  • Educators warrant learning and give credit for learning and experience
  • Learners communicate their skills 
  • Employers manage professional development.

But will these 21C credentials be better than our current credentialing methods? 

At a DeakinCo. event in May 2016,  Professor Beverley Oliver, presented her paper Better 21C Credentials and spoke about how new models might play out for students, education institutions and business needs related to workforce planning, talent and professional development. 

Watch her Presentation

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