Your leadership challenges 

We recognise that 21st-century leaders face an environment like never before. In today’s high-pressure, constantly changing climate, effective leaders are an essential element of organisational success. Thankfully, our innovative leadership development solutions are guaranteed to grow the outstanding leaders your organisation needs to succeed. 

With our support and expertise, leaders in your organisation can learn to be: 

  • adaptive—they’ll understand and embrace the disruptive environment 
  • practical—they’ll have the hands-on management skills to solve the complicated problems of everyday operations 
  • collaborative—they’ll build the strong, enduring relationships necessary for organisations to prosper in a climate of change

Our leadership solutions 

Our leading-edge learning solutions use the research-based 70:20:10 framework and take a blended learning approach. All of our offerings are customisable and can be adapted to meet your unique business needs.

Enterprise  leadership program

Our elite Enterprise Leadership Program (ELP) combines interactive learning with a focus on real business issues. 

The Enterprise Leadership Program is designed for your executive and senior leaders. The program will develop your leaders who embrace the disruptive environment by balancing adaptive and practical mindsets, and work collaboratively to drive organisational performance. The program is deliver over 12 months and is a blended learning program that focuses on both collaborative and personalised learning. The program involves skilled group facilitation along with one-on-one coaching and mentoring, diagnostic tools and critical reflection, supported by an online leadership portal. Features of ELP include: 

  • tools for operating effectively within a complex business environment 
  • real work and reflection activities that facilitate on-the-job application 
  •  over 100 digital content pieces and an online personal mastery plan 
  • access to a leadership community of practice 

Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915)

Our leading-edge blended program goes above and beyond anything else in the accredited diploma space. 

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is designed for your emerging or aspiring leaders to develop their skills and knowledge by exposing them to contemporary and globally relevant thinking in leadership and management practice. On completion of this program, your leaders will have adopted a new mindset and offer greater problem-solving capability to successfully navigate the challenges and issues in a rapidly changing work environment. The program is delivered over 12 months in three clusters: 

1. Manage and lead self and others 

2. Manage and lead business outcomes 

3. Manage and lead innovation 

On completion, students receive a Deakin University Diploma of Leadership and Management and guaranteed credit equivalent to a full year of a Deakin University Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Management degree. 

Business acumen

Business acumen guides employees at any level to make decisions affecting an organisation’s cash flow, profit margin and growth. 

The program is delivered in four modules: 

1. Financial management—including setting business and financial plans 

2. Relationship management—including enhancing existing relationships and forming new connections 

3. Reading the business and competitive environment—including analysing trends 

4. Tactical and strategic decision-making—including use of decision-making tools

Coaching and mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring programs aim to build coaching and mentoring capacity within organisations. 

Our coaching and mentoring programs are designed for any leader or manager within your organisation. Our programs will ensure your leaders and managers have the skills and plan in place to build their own coaching and mentoring capability to enable people to achieve their highest potential. 

Our coaching program focuses on:

  •  leading cultural and organisational change 
  •  leading dynamic teams and professional staff
  •  building self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness

    Our mentoring program focuses on: 

  • benefits of mentoring for all stakeholders 
  • roles and responsibilities for mentors and mentees
  • success indicators for a mentoring program 

Learning assets and micro-learning content 

We have an extensive library of reusable learning assets, including micro-learning content.

Asset topics include: 

  • self-awareness 
  •  team leadership 
  • people management and development 
  •  personal, professional and written communication 
  • problem-solving 
  • change management and leadership 
  •  project management 
  • development and evaluation of strategic options resilience 

LEAD Credentials

Our LEAD Credentials assess and recognise the most essential capabilities for a leader in today’s rapidly changing workforce. 

Our LEAD Credentials measure and assess leaders at all levels. The LEAD Credentials can be mapped to your existing leadership program, to effectively assess the training and recognise your people’s capability uplift. Our LEAD Credentials measure and assess four key areas of leadership: 

  • lead and develop people 
  • empower others 
  • adapt and change 
  • drive strategic results