Financial services

In a climate of increasing standards and scrutiny, the value of financial services education cannot be overstated.

Your financial services challenges

With over 25 years of experience providing premium learning solutions to the financial services sector, we know how important it is that financial advisers and planners within an organisation are properly trained and qualified. 

That’s why the financial services learning we deliver is: 
  • relevant—to keep up with changes in the sector, we draw on subject matter experts, leading Deakin University academics and strong industry links
  • measurable—we enable you to track, measure and recognise your staff’s development, whether through job-embedded learning or via formal qualifications 
  • compliant—all of our education solutions are designed to align with applicable legal and industry requirements

Tier 2 learning and accreditation 

Our blended Tier 2 compliance program consists of online learning coupled with online and one-to-one assessments.

Tier 2 accreditation is required for advisers and representatives who provide advice on Tier 2 products to retail customers. For financial organisations, this includes any staff who deal directly with retail clients.

Program topics include: 

  • introduction to Tier 2
  • general insurance
  • basic deposits
  • non-cash payments
  • consumer credit insurance 


Is a market-leading continuing professional development (CPD) solution that serves the financial services industry.

The program meets the ongoing CPD needs of licensees, employers and financial advisers by providing flexibility, choice and engagement while measurably enhancing job performance.Four key points make PROPEL unique:

1. expertise—PROPEL was designed in collaboration with a broad network of subject matter experts, leading academics and financial services professionals

2. content—the program covers technical and professional-practice topics that apply to the daily working lives of financial advisers

3. experience—learners can easily navigate through interactive elearning modules optimised for mobile and tablet access

4. platform—PROPEL’s cloud-based platform means that training can be accessed wherever there is an internet connectionContact us to learn more.

Credentials and qualifications

In partnership with Deakin University, we offer a range of ways to recognise financial planning expertise, including Professional Practice Credentials and postgraduate qualifications.

Check out our Credentials and qualifications page to see the options available, or contact us to learn more.

To learn more about how we can meet your financial services education needs, contact us  or call  +613 9918  9000  to speak to a member of our business development team.