Customised learning

Customised learning and consultancy

Your challenges 

Now more than ever, organisations must commit to developing, managing and measuring talent and capability. 

However, many businesses struggle to establish a cohesive learning and development strategy that aligns with organisational culture and structures. What’s more, organisations frequently find themselves lacking the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of learning programs. 

To meet these challenges, we offer customised learning and consultancy services to align workforce development initiatives with organisational strategy. With extensive experience in learning and development across a range of industries, our highly trained consultants can help you to implement initiatives that enhance workforce capability and produce measurable results. 

To learn more about what our consulting solutions can do for you, contact us or call +613 9918 9000 to speak to a member of our business development team. 

Our consulting solutions 

Our leading-edge learning solutions use the research-based 70:20:10 framework and take a blended learning approach. All of our offerings are customisable and can be adapted to meet your unique business needs.

Design thinking 

Our human-centred approach to innovation begins with your people—their needs and their workflow. We find out what solutions will resonate and provide the highest return on investment. Our pioneering experience in applying design thinking to learning and performance design includes starting with empathy and considering the end-to-end learning experience rather than isolated training events.


We work with you to co-design a solution that begins with your people and their needs. According to research, formal training accounts for only 10 per cent of professional learning, whereas a staggering 90 per cent of learning occurs informally in the workplace. Drawing on the 70:20:10 model our solutions are designed to harness the power of on the job learning. Using design thinking principles, we develop a solution that ensures learning is purposeful, tailored and connected to the workplace - this leads to better performance outcomes and results for the organisation. 

Capability frameworks

We help you to identify and define the skills, knowledge and characteristics needed for individuals to succeed in your organisation. A fully integrated competency framework is clear and accessible to everyone in the company. It outlines what people must do to be effective in their roles and clearly establishes how their roles relate to organisational goals and success. 

Service management 

Our corporate service management services encourage a centralised approach to learning. 

In tailoring a partnership, we plan for and implement the provision of: 

  • all learning services 
  •  specialist learning services 
  • strategic consulting services 
  • compliance programs 
  • certification programs 
  • management of a range of required services from various providers

Needs analysis

A needs analysis allows your organisation to assess and identify gaps between the desired and actual knowledge, skills and abilities of its employees. We consider the environmental context to identify other factors that may be influencing performance gaps to recommend comprehensive development and performance solutions. 


We’re committed to evaluation of learning and development effectiveness from both an organisational and individual program perspective. In assisting organisations in customising an evaluation approach, we consider the following: 

  • program evaluation—we work with you to create an evaluation plan by determining the level of evaluation required, key indicators for measurements and the expectations of stakeholders 
  • assessment of individual learning—we help you to develop capabilities in the five main components of individual assessment: development, delivery, scoring, analysis and reporting.