Lead and Develop People

Leaders must do more than just lead, they need to develop the capabilities of individuals to achieve agreed outcomes.

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Lead and Develop People is the ability to effectively lead and develop people to improve performance, talent and capability within your organisation.

Leaders need to be able to tell a clear, concise, compelling and engaging story based on a vision that inspires others to commit to purposeful actions. Leaders must do more than just lead, they need to develop the capabilities of individuals in order to achieve agreed outcomes. Through leading and developing others they ensure the workforce is engaged, motivated and committed to the organisation’s vision.

Credential levels

This Credential is currently available at the Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced levels. Use the level indicators below to identify the level you should explore. View the Credential level to see further information.


  • Have 10 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be an advanced professional
  • Have experience in leadership roles
  • Drive actions across an organisation

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At the Advanced level of Lead and Develop People you are leading and developing people to work and attain established strategic outcomes for the organisation. You are focussed on assuring the development of your workforce capability across all levels and jobs in your team. Through the development of your people, you actively seek to enhance and promote the leadership talent of your people. You understand and acknowledge where skill gaps exist within your team, and, engage with others both internally and externally, to promote development and learning solutions to build your workforce capability.

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This is a step-by-step guide for completing this Credential, it includes:

  • Criteria that must be satisfied
  • Collecting your evidence
  • Writing your reflective testimony
  • Completing your assessment