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Empower Others is the ability to empower and encourage people in their work to achieve and exceed agreed objectives. This includes engaging and motivating people, delegating sufficient authority and responsibility, and supporting their efforts.

People want leaders that are confident and set clear performance expectations. Leaders effectively earn people’s confidence through engaging with and empowering others to work collaboratively to capture opportunities that optimise how others achieve their outcomes and responsibilities. Through inspiring meaningful commitment from others, leaders enable people to exceed their objectives.

Credential levels

This Credential is currently available at the Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced levels. Use the level indicators below to identify the level you should explore. View the Credential level to see further information.


  • Have 10 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be an advanced professional
  • Have experience in leadership roles
  • Drive actions across an organisation

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At the Advanced level of Empower Others you are working on a longer term, strategic basis to influence and empower individuals and groups to deliver superior outcomes within your organisation. You set standards to establish frameworks and systems that empower employees, facilitate meaningful engagement in strategic processes and produce the data required to assure collective performance against agreed metrics and benchmarks. You will actively work, inside and beyond the organisation, to empower leaders and key decision makers to attain strategic goals and continuously improve the organisation’s structure, strategy or systems to achieve the best outcomes. You confront functional silos and leaders that hinder information sharing. You encourage others to work with people who have a high-level expertise in order to challenge current thinking and practice within your organisation.

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This is a step-by-step guide for completing this Credential, it includes:

  • Criteria that must be satisfied
  • Collecting your evidence
  • Writing your reflective testimony
  • Completing your assessment