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Drive Strategic Results is the ability to promote the achievement of excellence and the attainment of strategic outcomes.

Research and study of global organisations enjoying sustained success makes a compelling argument for leaders that convey a future vision and engage the workforce in positive action, also driving results by setting clear, compelling, measurable and challenging goals and outcomes. Leaders need to be able to evaluate progress by reviewing data, analysing results and making informed decisions with regards progress or improvement opportunities. Effective leaders will take responsibility for their actions to lead and coordinate the systematic formulation, implementation and evaluation of plans that underpin the organisation’s strategic direction and competitive advantage in a turbulent market.

Credential levels

This Credential is currently available at the Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced levels. Use the level indicators below to identify the level you should explore. View the Credential level to see further information.


  • Have 10 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be an advanced professional
  • Have experience in leadership roles
  • Drive actions across an organisation

View Drive Strategic Results Advanced

At the Advanced level of Drive Strategic Results you are establishing the strategy and systems that enable the long term strategic success of the organisation and its competitive advantage. Holding a long term, global perspective you will shape and communicate a compelling vision and sense of the organisation’s future direction and potential. You will work within and outside the organisation to establish robust networks, systems and the means to access the capability required to not only optimise planned strategic outcomes, but to position the organisation to respond to future opportunities or threats. You will increasingly have carriage for leading and coordinating the formulation, implementation and evaluation of long-term strategic plans and initiating adjustments that will secure the organisation’s competitive advantage and success.

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This is a step-by-step guide for completing this Credential, it includes:

  • Criteria that must be satisfied
  • Collecting your evidence
  • Writing your reflective testimony
  • Completing your assessment