When you have 570,000 shareholders and global assets of $0.7 trillion, you really do need to find, train, empower and keep the best people.

First here

Founded in the 1800s, our client is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers. Today, as a top Australian Securities Exchange firm, its operations span the globe.

To preserve and extend this market-leading position, our client has set a strategic goal to build deeper customer relationships by placing them at the heart of everything it does.

To achieve this, Westpac must take its long-held ‘learning culture’ to the next level by upskilling managerial, banking and front-line staff via two major learning initiatives:

  • Best Banker National Qualification Program
  • Tier 2 accreditation online training.

These initiatives will let staff gain recognised, professional qualifications to fulfil their potential.

By aligning staff development with formal training, our client will support career progression, employee engagement and retention.

This is ambitious and expensive. And with fierce competition for talented employees, our client needs all the help it can get.

Which is why Westpac has strengthened its hand by partnering with DeakinCo.

First steps

Devising a seamless national education solution will see us very busy as we:

  • map, validate and align our client’s current development programs to competency units
  • provide credentialed professionals to deliver frank and fearless assessment and coaching
  • establish and enforce consistent systems, processes and documentation
  • create online learning content and workplace observation checklists
  • provide full enrolment and technical support for participants and assessors
  • issue diplomas and certificates.

First place

In its desire to source nationally recognised qualifications from a leading university, Westpac has come to the right place.

We know we can bring our client’s strategy to vibrant life by ensuring all customer-facing staff have relevant (internally and externally) recognised qualifications.

By carefully aligning staff training with new education products, we’ll ensure the provision and uptake of advanced qualifications in close accord with business goals, personal ambitions and articulated career progression steps.

We’ll also set our client up to maximise funding opportunities via state and federal government initiatives. This will add prestige and defray costs – a timely and elegant outcome for all!

‘This one is big. Banking is getting tougher by the month and we must stay ahead of the curve. In our business, momentum is life. Thanks to DeakinCo., we’re gaining speed. We can’t wait to see results on the ground. Even more importantly, our people can’t wait to be recognised for their study!’