When you run $18b of superannuation for 240,000 members at 22,000 employers, you dare not rest on your laurels (however numerous). Staying sharp means honing and aligning skills – especially when you claim to offer every client a ‘personalised experience’. What may appear straightforward often isn’...

Growth spurt

In 2015, VicSuper initiated a major brand shift comprising significant cultural change and a new value proposition.

To ensure their words had meaning and effect, VicSuper knew they had to operationalise the technical and soft skills underpinning the new value proposition.

To this end, they commissioned DeakinCo. to help them and their people navigate and optimise this massive evolution.

Our brief? To provide required learning support to embed VicSuper’s change agenda so it flew true – right from the start.

Root and branch

The staff skills we were dealing with included:

·         sales

·         customer service

·         personal presentation

·         interpersonal relations

·         financial planning.

Given such a broad range of expertise, we used an action mapping process – starting with a content workshop. This let us:

1.    identify underlying business outcomes (measurable results to indicate program success)

2.    define learner actions required to achieve these outcomes

3.    map actions to key learner levers (skills, knowledge, motivation, context)

4.    develop a targeted learning journey

Our approach embraced evidence-based learning techniques by providing micro-learning opportunities (just in time and just enough). We minimised ‘knowledge for knowledge’s sake’ and focused on providing on-the-job tools and support to impact performance.

Called ACTIVATE, the resulting program was well supported by communication planning and motivational tools. In line with the brief, we made it highly flexible.

Not only did ACTIVATE provide a clear learning journey for VicSuper’s rebrand rollout, its modular elements were designed to integrate into other programs.

Bearing fruit

VicSuper’s transformation was a multi-award-winning triumph that continues to this day. In the words of a key stakeholder:

‘Working with DeakinCo. has been a challenging, empowering, and positive experience for our people. The experience of the facilitators, combined with a flexible workshop design, ensured we achieved our outcomes.

‘As a provider, DeakinCo. are collegial, innovative, and pragmatic – all qualities that lead to an enduring partnership.’

Ross Williamson, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant, VicSuper.