Stockbrokers Association of Australia

When your job is to raise the bar in a complex, fast changing, highly regulated industry, your education partner needs to be at least as good as you.

Fast money

The Stockbrokers Association of Australia is the peak industry body for institutional and retail stockbroking firms and investment banks in Australasia. Formed in 1999, the Stockbrokers Association of Australia, formerly known as the Securities and Derivatives Industry Association (SDIA), promotes the highest standard and knowledge of securities and derivatives professionals.

The Stockbrokers Association consistently engages its members, regulators and other market participants to strengthen the profession. It actively seeks to remain intimate with the industry’s local and global opportunities and challenges.

DeakinCo administers the Stockbrokers Association of Australia Professional Diploma in Stockbroking™ for the Stockbrokers Association. The Stockbrokers Association of Australia Professional Diploma in Stockbroking™ is Australia’s only professional qualification in stockbroking for finance professionals. Distinctively professional, it is the recognised educational standard that employers, regulators, and clients expect from individuals who work within institutional and retail stockbroking firms and the investment banking community.

DeakinCo’s association with the Stockbrokers Association goes back to 2001 where they successfully won an industry wide tender to develop and deliver an ASIC-registered course. That course accredited more than 8000 candidates nationally.

In 2008, DeakinCo worked with the Stockbrokers Association to develop the Stockbrokers Association of Australia Professional Diploma in Stockbroking™. This is a two-module ASIC-registered diploma that spans securities, managed investments, derivatives, superannuation and margin lending.

This course provides a firm foundation for industry aspirants and give graduates thorough sector and product knowledge. It also gives experienced practitioners the opportunity to formalise their knowledge, skills and industry experience, with a recognised professional qualification.

Fair exchange

The Stockbrokers Association of Australia Professional Diploma in Stockbroking™, administered by DeakinCo has secured itself as Australia’s only professional qualification for stockbroking professionals. This has cemented both DeakinCo and the Stockbrokers Association as true market leaders in this space.

DeakinCo also supports the Stockbrokers Association by integrating, coordinating and delivering:

  • materials maintenance, storage, production and distribution
  • student enrolment, record keeping and results reporting
  • exam centre and supervisor accreditation
  • secure online exams available 24/7
  • online student room development for interaction and assignment handling.

Our excellent working relationship with DeakinPrime has spanned many years. We’ve always found them to be a fair and honest partner, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

David Horsfield - MD and CEO, Stockbrokers Association of Australia.