If you need to put all your training eggs in one basket, you’d better pick a damn good basket!

A quest for refinement

Shell’s energy and petrochemical companies span 80 nations. With a focus on innovation and a mission to meet the challenge of a new energy future, Shell’s standards are exacting to say the least.

Having undergone a major restructure in 1997, Shell was focusing on its core business. It established a separate services company to run non-core services such as human resources, information technology and training.

Shell was also refocusing globally, and had set a vision of how it wanted to compete in future world markets. From this came a need for practical, up-to-date, best-practice training solutions. In 1997, Shell sought a sole management training provider. DeakinCo won the contract and set to work in 1998.

One trainer to rule them all

DeakinCo’s account manager worked closely with senior Shell representatives to meet the needs of Shell staff.

From a long list of outstanding training requests, Shell identified 40 programs of three types:

  • core-to-Shell (Shell specific)
  • co-company (offered by Shell but open to other partner organisations)
  • public (available to all comers).

This elegant threefold strategy let Shell derive optimal value from its training expenditure while maximising course attendance.

DeakinCo produced all course materials to Shell’s core values, global leadership principles and rigorous standards. We then helped implement electronic registration via Shell’s intranet and provided administrative support for course organisation.

Depending on audience and topic, workshops were residential or non-residential and varied from one to six days. Content ranged from simple communication skills to a comprehensive senior management program.

The story continues ...

Shell did not regret its decision to put its faith in DeakinCo, as these attendee quotes attest:

‘Finally, I learnt to do things properly that I’d been muddling through up to now.’

‘I got a lot out of the course that I specifically require for my job.’

‘One of the best facilitators I’ve come across, he made what is otherwise a dry subject interesting and enjoyable.’

‘An excellent course. The material was highly relevant and well pitched. Top effort.’

Particularly gratifying was this attendee response, which captured the high hopes of all players in this epic learning journey:

‘The facilitator was outstanding. If this is an indication of DeakinCo’s work then Shell will find this an excellent relationship. A big improvement on all other Shell courses that I have done.’