You can’t defend a nation without esprit de corps.

War footing

Raytheon serves the defence industry across Australia as a ‘missions systems integrator’.

Given a global financial crisis, aggressive regional competition and dwindling national defence budgets, Raytheon had to hone its leadership with training that was lean, highly targeted and results driven.

The company sought a development program for staff between front line and senior leaders (i.e. middle managers running a team or unit or technically advising same).

The proposed Leadership Development Program had to:

  • use Raytheon’s leadership competencies to drive all activity
  • link self-assessment and development to let participants dictate their desires • build a progression and succession talent pool to lead an expanding organisation
  • foster attitudinal change by developing authentic leadership behaviours
  • derive from existing Raytheon expertise and content (i.e. no ‘off-the-shelf’ generics).

The business goals of this ambitious program were to:

  • attract and develop the best people and reinforce a culture of feedback and candour
  • recognise and build leadership potential and managerial performance
  • create a more engaged workforce to support Raytheon’s five-year business strategy
  • support retention by better integrating staff development goals with business needs.

This (tall) order was issued to DeakinCo.

Defence in depth

We derived the program’s content from a 360-degree feedback survey based around Raytheon leadership competencies (from ethics and coaching to creativity and business acumen). The result blended several learning methodologies and comprised an ‘engage day’ and a trio of three-day off-sites spaced over a year.

Each participant operated from a tailored development plan. ‘Action learning projects’ integrated new expertise via practical team-based work on current business challenges.

After a day of DeakinCo training, senior leaders supported participants with project mentoring, while coaches provided ongoing phone, online and face-to-face support.

We also created an online ‘learning portal’ to provide a toolkit of development materials that included readings, performance builders and activities matched to Raytheon’s policies, systems and strategy.

Victory at all costs

The pilot program was very well received by participants. On the strength of this success, Raytheon’s leadership team began talks with DeakinCo for the delivery of second and third program intakes.