Newcrest Mining Limited

By bringing a key management stratum to light, one firm unlocked wealth beyond measure.

Excellent prospects

Top-five global gold producer Newcrest Mining wanted to develop 190 middle managers to communicate better with staff, peers and stakeholders.

Many held senior engineering or geology roles – in which communication skills were vital to convey technical terms to ‘lay people’ and conduct powerful conversations to solve business issues.

The content and delivery of the management course had to resonate with culturally diverse participants from Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ivory Coast and beyond.

Digging deep

DeakinCo helped design a manager course using Newcrest Mining case studies to keep the learning relevant. Topics included how to:

  • grasp the role of leadership and the global business context to be ‘Miner of choice’
  • reframe the manager’s role
  • use a Manager’s Toolkit
  • develop and engage the organisation.

All that glitters

The course was an immediate hit, with participants making full use of their augmented communication skills to provide feedback.

Their many learnings included how to:

  • ‘tell the story’ and ‘share the journey’ by communicating with and engaging others earlier
  • use context to influence change and shift culture
  • step up to your role and make it want you want with a formal career plan
  • meet new people and form new networks to gain understanding of roles and challenges
  • leverage diversity through team dynamics and development
  • work cross-functionally and enjoy shared successes over solo
  • manage yourself through ambiguity and change
  • stay ‘present’ with peers and balance your focus between people and tasks
  • use your personal brand as a career and coaching tool.

To date, observed business outcomes from the program have included:

  • more courageous conversations on difficult issues
  • better sharing of information and know-how
  • increased understanding of how each division works
  • identification and use of best practices for greater efficiencies