Leighton Offshore

You can’t thrive without people. Instead of fighting for a dwindling talent pool, one self-reliant business decided to ‘grow its own’.

Planting the seed

Formerly Leighton International, Leighton Offshore is a global engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and life-of-field contractor.

No stranger to swift growth, Leighton has long been keen to find and keep top talent. But with many young people eschewing construction trades and professions, the quest was getting competitive.

To achieve its goals of rapid growth and superior products, services and returns, Leighton resolved to develop its own people across Asia and the Middle East.

Called Leighton University, this initiative was designed to produce a steady stream of ‘Leighton-ready’ planners, engineers, quantity surveyors and other construction specialists.

Fresh fields

DeakinCo partnered with Leighton to create a Professional Trainee Program in collaboration with Deakin University and universities in India.

DeakinCo designed, developed, promoted and managed the program to deliver post-graduate construction management education to Leighton students in the subcontinent.

The resulting Technical Competency Modules earned credit towards a Deakin University Graduate Certificate in Construction Management.

This opened a pathway for participants to complete this qualification and go on to study a Graduate Diploma and Masters.

DeakinCo coordinated module delivery over 18 months of part-time classroom and workplace learning and assessment (including face-to-face workshops, tutorials and projects to ensure integration with Leighton’s environment).

Student interest was high.

A rich harvest

Program participants to date have greatly appreciated earning credits for their efforts (as well as guaranteed employment on successful completion).

Leighton’s investment in just one unit has parlayed into a complete academic pathway. By funding further units, Leighton also has the option to create a highly effective graduate retention strategy.

In addition to producing ‘Leighton ready’ talent, this program has given the firm a well-marketed activity that has strongly branded it as a true employer of choice. In an escalating war for talent, the value of this strategic advantage cannot be overestimated.

We were impressed with DeakinCo’s response to our needs. They developed an excellent program as a true partner – as demonstrated by the success of the pilot program and subsequent enrolments. Our growth requires a capable and flexible workforce. This program will support and develop a strong performance culture in that workforce.

Tom McGuire - Director – Leighton University, Leighton Offshore