Leading Australian Telecommunications

Grasping a major program, and beginning a component project with the end in mind, is a fine way to create a solution that’s right first time and useful for many times to come.

Lining up

The Marketing Operations team of this leading telecommunications company engaged DeakinCo to assist with the roll-out of a customised marketing software system.

This system implementation was part of a larger transformation and capability uplift program for the entire marketing division – which comprised around 1,000 system users.

On discussing the brief and scoping the project, DeakinCo soon realised that critical to the system’s uptake and success was the development of a learning solution based on:

  • curiosity creation
  • user motivation
  • simple, just-in-time learning elements.

Making waves

To these ends, we swiftly designed a learning package that blended:

  • engaging module delivery via video; quick reference guides; face-to-face facilitated change sessions with handouts; Q and A webinars plus traditional user guides for learners with an appetite for technology
  • introductory and short target videos featuring executive messages to provide context and a compelling narrative from internal project sponsors
  • easy, work-integrated content delivery via the telecommunications company's intranet with an on-the-job learning management system (70:20:10)
  • a ‘Super User’ model (comprising change champions/advocates) with robust support materials to minimise the burden on group members
  • reusable digital assets (e.g. elearning modules, videos, case studies, webinars, quick reference guides) for new starters and just-in-time support
  • competitions and gamification elements to reward early adopters.

Our expert facilitators next tailored unique guides to seven separate user segments – all of which used the new marketing software system differently.

We then ran more than 120 45-minute change sessions in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to demystify the new system and grow user confidence.

Positive signals

On completing the introductory modules, participants understood how the new system would affect them and, importantly, how it would benefit their roles.

Participant feedback was that the short, sharp sessions (conducted a week apart as the system went live) were extremely helpful.

A common response theme was that our approach expedited users’ swift and effective adoption of the new system with minimal disruption to their everyday core tasks.

Today, the digital assets we created remain the backbone of Level 1 helpdesk responses to user queries.

This is an excellent example of DeakinCo’s practice to ‘write once, use many times’.