Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)

With proven expertise and savvy execution, modest resources can be leveraged to achieve great things in training, leadership, customer service and cultural change.

More with less

DEEWR was formerly the Department of Education, Employment, Training & Youth Affairs (DEETYA).

At this time, it had an urgent need (but a limited budget) to train more than 7,000 staff to:

  • meet employment service provision changes
  • provide basic commercial business skills
  • change the culture at all levels.

Hat trick

DeakinCo developed paper-based modules for workshop and distance delivery. These included pre-workshop exercises, role plays, simulations, case studies, further reading and ongoing resources.

The three generic and two transition modules were:

  • Culture Change
  • Leadership
  • Customer Focus
  • Financial Awareness and Accountability
  • Business Planning and Analysis.

In contrast to traditional training, this innovative education solution offered a single body of content and provided assessment tasks to three qualification levels to allow for:

  • internal accreditation (certificate of completion)
  • recognition of prior learning for frontline management qualifications in vocational education and training
  • credit transfer to University certificate and graduate diploma programs.

Triple treat

The swift development of flexible materials for greater use by a wider audience honoured the limited budget. The link to recognised qualifications greatly encouraged participant uptake. The content proved robust enough to serve all three audiences well.