As well as training their staff, one company wanted to help them gain a formal university qualification. The results were swift, significant and sweet.

Shifting sands

CSR is a diverse organisation that produces building products for residential and commercial construction.

In light of accelerating global economic and environmental changes, CSR’s Timber Products Division wanted to ensure its team leaders were equipped to handle current and future challenges.

The brief involved designing and delivering a program to:

  • ensure broad coverage of managerial, technical and personal skills
  • provide workplace-relevant expertise and validation opportunities
  • provide a tertiary qualification
  • articulate with other CSR training programs
  • allow multiple entry and exit points for participants
  • set up a platform for lifelong learning.

Building for the future

DeakinPrime established a design team of Deakin and CSR staff.

The team identified key areas for frontline managers to champion improved organisational performance - now and in the future.

In designing and delivering a training solution, DeakinCo developed each study module as a stand-alone body of knowledge which could be used as a study regime by itself or a component of a larger study program.

All eight modules were designed with CSR needs and processes in mind.

The whole structure was supported by an integrated tutor and sponsor system comprising DeakinPrime delivery and support staff and CSR Human Resources department staff.

Rich rewards

Successful completion of all modules entitled students to the Deakin University Certificate in Technology Management.

In line with CSR's brief, the program's introductory module assessment task asks participants to identify a workplace improvement project.

This is expressed through an organisational business plan.

Student activities in this task have already identified around $15 million of potential savings to CSR. Not surprisingly, senior management are impressed by this welcome development.