City of Melbourne

When you’re voted the world’s most liveable city, nothing you do goes unnoticed.

Winds of change

Widely considered Australia's pre-eminent centre for arts, education, dining and shopping, metropolitan Melbourne covers around 8,000 km2 and has a wildly diverse population of four million. The City of Melbourne (CoM) strives to keep the metropolis safe, clean and healthy. Following a tempestuous period of economic rationalisation by the State Government, Victorian councils were put on notice to operate in a more businesslike fashion.

Having been voted the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne was under particularly intense scrutiny.

CoM wanted to ensure its staff were fully equipped to respond to the new performance pressures.

A staunch ally

In 2002 DeakinCo and CoM formed a strategic partnership for the design, development and management of Corporate Learning and Development (CLAD) programs.

After an initial transition period, DeakinPrime assumed full responsibility for CLAD in 2003. There followed a range of significant achievements which saw DeakinPrime:

  • host a joint learning and development strategic directions workshop
  • consult on a corporate institute/learning organisation model
  • implement a leadership group executive coaching program
  • introduce a vocational education and training pathway through the Diploma of Business
  • introduce a Master of Business Administration pathway through Deakin University.

Top of the pops

The last decade has seen Melbourne experience vigorous growth and unremitting change. Armed with timely and appropriate skills, however, CoM has responded admirably to its myriad challenges. In 2006, Melbourne successfully hosted the Commonwealth Games and its mayor was named the world’s best.

Today, Melbourne still tops that global city list.