It takes hard work to create sheer driving pleasure. But the results are worth it.

Pit stop

BMW is a leading luxury car marque in Australia. Its success springs from the philosophy that customers deserve the finest facilities and technicians to optimise their investment.

As an innovative global leader, BMW often breaks new ground in technical areas with little external training. To remedy this, the company established a $3 million state-of-the-art training centre in Melbourne in 2001.

Yet there was still a lack of training for high potential staff who’d risen swiftly to responsible roles but needed practical and theoretical support with middle management skills.

BMW sought an educator who understood its superior culture and could deliver flexible training to let busy dealers, managers and specialists juggle professional, academic and personal lives. Enter DeakinCo.

Fast lane

We customised our Business Diploma to mesh with BMW’s critical success competencies.

Built around eight units and taking 18 months, the program featured planning, budgeting, prioritisation, continuous improvement, people management and more.

A blended delivery mode began with a face-to-face workshop. Next, study groups were formed throughout BMW for information exchange and mutual support. Students also used workbooks to complete various tasks.

Taking around nine weeks to complete, each unit ended with workplace improvement project (WIP) customised to BMW’s real-life work environment.

In addition to designing this course, DeakinPrime assigned a:

  • project manager to oversee the relationship and manage student needs
  • facilitator to give students ongoing email and phone support
  • marketing team to help BMW promote the program to 44 dealers across the nation.

To test program benefits as thoroughly as any engine, students presented the concrete contributions of their WIPs to the business.

Winning ways

Participants said they enjoyed being supported, yet in charge of their learning. Completing students said that while the program was extremely challenging, they had new insights into resolving issues strategically, achieving clarity with financial tools and truly engaging teams.

Graduates proudly received a nationally recognised award from Deakin University plus the chance to pursue more advanced qualifications.