Alpine Shire Council

When a genuine quest for improved skills meets an intelligent bespoke coaching solution, tough problems are solved and stakeholders are served like never before.

Lofty goals

Alpine Shire Council serves a community of 13,000 across nearly 5,000 km2 of rugged, highly diverse terrain.

With an aging population, historically competing land uses and growing economic and environmental constraints, the Shire’s leaders must be more skilled and versatile than most.

To this end, the Shire sought a partner who could design, develop and implement an executive coaching/leadership program for its senior managers.

The program had to:

  • improve decision-making, people skills and performance
  • use reliable, informative assessment tools to highlight development needs (e.g. Kinlaw coaching questionnaire)
  • provide support and assistance through one-on-one coaching
  • ensure coaching translated into action by addressing actual work challenges.

Bedrock skills

DeakinPrime’s recommended solution worked with participants singly and in groups to achieve the Shire’s clearly articulated goals.

A program customised to the needs of the Shire and its individual managers included:

  • Life Styles Inventory (LSI). This 360 degree diagnostic tool provides a profile of 12 behaviours individuals frequently display in the workplace. It helps identify a person’s workplace strengths and create a preferred view of other strengths they wish to develop
  • two half-day facilitated coaching/leadership workshops which covered knowledge and practice of coaching and discussion of contemporary leadership issues
  • a blend of group and one-to-one coaching sessions
  • a workplace project to enable coaching skills practice
  • a post-LSI assessment once individual coaching sessions concluded.

Downstream benefits

To date, six leaders, including the Acting Chief Executive Officer, have participated in this comprehensive program.

Results have been very pleasing, with reports of several challenging operational issues now resolved.