Where there’s a genuine desire to create leadership excellence, success can breed success.

Roll call

Alcoa Australia Rolled Products (AARP) is a large, complex operation with a $60 million payroll. To develop the behavioural, leadership and commercial skills of its high potential leaders, AARP wished to:

  • create a more engaged workforce to support business strategy
  • reinforce a culture of candour and feedback
  • employ contemporary learning and development theories and practices
  • use its own business examples and terminology to build a pool of leaders who understood situational leadership and business acumen.

Roll out

DeakinCo worked closely with AARP to develop the Creating Leadership Excellence Framework in close accord with its needs, systems and culture. The program comprised:

  • workshops
  • self-paced study
  • leadership diagnostics
  • workplace projects
  • a directed action learning network forum
  • an online learning portal.

A key feature of this broad initiative was the use of AARP senior leaders as teachers and coaches.

Rolled gold

Based on the program’s initial success, AARP asked DeakinCo to expand it to include senior leader development and sales staff coaching (Leadership for Success).

Based on that success, the program was then customised to Alcoa’s broader Asia Pacific operations. Thanks to Alcoa’s recommendation, DeakinCo is also working on events with local networking and manufacturing groups.

We thus see an evolving series of welcome wins for all concerned.