Take learning to new heights with a robust co-design process.

Our approach

We work with you to co-design a solution that begins with your people and their needs. Using design thinking principles, we develop a solution that ensures learning is purposeful, tailored and connected to the workplace - this leads to better performance outcomes and results for the organisation.

The DeakinCo. difference

DeakinCo. has developed a co-design process based on design thinking principles that means learning hits the mark and delivers real performance uplift. We work with our client partners to engage learners and stakeholders upfront. Following the process in this diagram allows us to help you design the solutions, assets and programs that incorporate your culture and your people. Starting with personas and various proprietary tools DeakinCo. incorporates learner-centric perspectives into learning design. This approach empowers learners and delivers learning that sticks. 

Here are our top 10 tips to successfully implement design thinking for learning: 

1. Involve your audience early and often 

2. Dig deeper with ‘why?’s to uncover underlying needs 
3. Collaborate by being visual
4. Use personas
5. Incorporate action mapping
6. ‘Orphan your ideas’ and detach from your personal input
7. Everyone can prototype so use it
8. Field testing with a focus on empathy, not validation
9. The final journey map must include fail points and dependables
10. Draw on existing resources and tools like Stanford’s

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