Workplace Learning

DeakinCo. will work with you to Identify gaps and build new skills that improve workplace performance.

How we help to address your challenges

Many businesses struggle to establish a cohesive learning and development strategy that aligns with organisational culture and structures. What’s more, organisations frequently find themselves lacking the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of learning programs.

We all have skills gaps – organisations and individuals. Perhaps the gaps we identify are impediments to achieving our minimum standards and expectations, or maybe they offer an opportunity to turn good performance to great, and achieve excellence in the areas that are important to us in addressing the needs of future clients and employers.

Workplace Learning provides robust and tailored solutions to quickly address specific needs and/or build new skills that improve workplace practices and behaviours.

Every organisation has its own unique development needs, but the following are common building blocks of our blended learning solutions:

  • video bites
  • face-to-face workshops
  • interactive modules
  • micro-learning elements like scenarios, animations and motion graphics
  • coaching
  • webinars
  • on-the-job performance support and tools.

Tailored  learning

We think learning should be purposeful, tailored and intimately connected to work. All of our learning solutions can be customised to create unique, immersive learning experiences that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow and systems. 

Learning and performance solutions can draw on DeakinCo. content, Deakin University content, client content, curated content and newly created content. Through bringing together the best of all sources, we can generate truly tailored solutions that are at once innovative, practical and academically rigorous.

Experience API

Using real-time data to inform decision-making.

This innovative elearning software delivers personalised learning and learning analytics across all digital applications. It stores key interactions and achievements, enhancing data portability while underpinning industry benchmarking and analysis.

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Our solutions

Our leading-edge learning solutions use the research-based 70:20:10 framework and take a blended learning approach. All of our offerings are customisable and can be adapted to meet your unique business needs.

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