About us

DeakinCo. are the workplace learning and recognition specialists.

The modern university system has its roots in European medieval universities, which evolved from cathedral schools for the clergy during the High Middle Ages in Italy. They initially continued the curriculum and research of the Middle Ages in high academic work focused on natural philosophy, logic, medicine, theology, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, law, grammar and rhetoric. They had little to do with practical business skills and in fact it wasn’t until the early 19th century that the world’s first business schools emerged in France.

At DeakinCo. we have established that purely academic business degrees are often not an indicator of workplace capability and effectiveness in the 21st century, so we’ve created a new model of workplace education and accreditation

Our Model

As the workplace performance specialists there are 3 ways we can help individuals and organisations

1. Workplace credentials

Evaluate and Recognise Current Skills & Capability

2. Workplace learning

Identify gaps and build new skills that improve workplace performance.

3. Workplace qualifications

Provide vocational training and pathways to higher education that further strengthen employment skills and career options.

New possibilities

DeakinCo. presents new possibilities – not just for individuals and organisations but for the whole world of business. While traditional academic qualifications areevidence of an ability to study, DeakinCo. provides Workplace Solutions that assess and build workplace skills and capability for organisations and individuals. DeakinCo. workplace products are designed for the 21st century, to improve workplace performance and future employability.

Global respect

DeakinCo. Workplace Products are backed by Deakin University and provide tangible evidence of workers’ skills and capabilities. Deakin University is one of Australia’s leading Universities and is rapidly gaining a global reputation.

As such our Workplace Solutions will be globally recognised and respected and provide the best reference possible for those with or without a tertiary qualification and the best possible measure of vital workplace skills for organisations.

Industry desired

The skills DeakinCo. build and assess are based on contemporary business and industry needs. They are practical work skills that are focused on 21st Century businesses and are required and desired by industry and business, rather than predominantly theoretical concepts.

We know this because we regularly consult with businesses to understand what’s most needed – skills such as innovation, critical thinking, digital literacy, teamwork and problem solving - every industry shares some common attributes and also has its own priorities. Industry desired relates to the improved business performance and staff retention and engagement that DeakinCo. delivers.

Workplace performance

Theory is important. Knowledge is valuable. But performance is why we are all paid – either as a company or an individual.

Our Workplace Products are aligned to industry skills that enhance Workplace Performance for businesses and individuals. This is why people come to DeakinCo.

We recognise that learning is a life-long journey and some of the most valuable learning experiences come from within the workplace. The ability to adapt to the changing workforce dynamics is as integral to professionals as it is to businesses. It is imperative for development in the workplace to evolve in the ways organisations recognise, develop and reward learning at work.
Professor Jane Den Hollander AO, Vice Chancellor