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The Future Workforce will be Built on Capabilities, not Skills. Here are the Top 7.

  • 1 March 2021

While the conversation around the future of the workforce and remote work may now be top of mind for many people as result of COVID-19, for Marcus Bowles, Director of the Institute for Working Futures (IWF), this has been the subject of his research for over 30 years.  


Marcus’s work is centred on forecasting and building capabilities for workforces that don’t yet exist and enabling his clients to be more agile and responsive to change. Marcus has worked closely with DeakinCo. in building capability frameworks to meet current and future workforce needs. 


We sat down with Marcus to get his insights and perspective on what the future holds, on the major mindset shift that business leaders need to adopt and the capabilities that will underpin the workforce of the future.  

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